"En route"

Бабуси - Дедуси"En route" - the documentary that challenges conventional notions of old age among people of all ages, including elderly people themselves, and also shows that older people may not be a ballast, and play a creative, successful and active part in society.

This is a film about the Ukrainian amateur artist Hanna-Tsaryuk Grytsyk ('82) and Vladimir Sokolov (86 years) who have worked all their life, raising children, doing their job, not knowing that at old age they will become popular artists.


"A Real Life"

Реальная жизнь Genre: Documentary
Duration: 45 minutes, 100 minutes
Budget: 47,300 EUR
Photography Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Produced: Alena Yaremchuk
Authors: Alena Yaremchuk, Stanislav Demidov, Oleg Shiryayev

According to statistics at the beginning of the 90s more than 10% of the world's population - are vegetarians. In India - more than 80%, USA - about 5%, United Kingdom - about 7%. Why do so many people become vegetarians?

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