Actor's performance

The organisation of  concerts is not easy, it requires of training. Here you need to consider many things: respect for both technical and everyday artists riders  (arrival, accommodation, show, out), matching the date of performance, contracts and compliance with their terms. Artists sometimes ask about specific requirements. Professional show agency will solve all these problems, and you will just enjoy the performance of your favorite artist.


Conducting auditions

Among the services provided by our company for private and corporate customers is the organization of participation (the booking), artists, models and talents, as well as organization of castings.

Do you looking for talent? In search of an image? Organize the competition, recording a film or organize photography shooting ? The company  Star Independent provides  castings of different levels and different target areas, in order execute  object fully.


Exhibitions and seminars

Do you want to benefit from the successful experiences of exhibitions, conferences, seminars, promotions, and are not afraid to make themselves known to the various presentations? Then you will not go wrong by contacting us. Star Independent company is always glad to cooperate with those who are focused on success. With extensive experience in organizing exhibitions and seminars, presentations and conferences, our staff will help you find the right solution of organizational and technical plan for the success of any event.


Corporate holiday

Today the organization and conducting of recreation has become common practice in many reputable companies. Competent leaders know that the organization of leisure is one of the most important tools of corporate policy, so that the organization pay close attention to the holidays.

Professionally organized corporate event is something more than just people`s entertainment. This is an occasion to rally the team, one of the ways of forming a team. Arranging holidays is an integral part of corporate culture and a relaxed atmosphere allows you to establish personal contacts and create or reinforce a sense of belonging to a common cause.

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