ЧудоFrom the director of the film "Chance"

Genre: Social Drama
Format: short film
Studio: ArtFomichev
Producer: Alena Yaremchuk
Written by: Alexander Fomichev
Directed by: Alexander Fomichev
Starring: Marian Yatsevyuk, Dmitry Sokol, Alexander Fomichev

This is the story of a young, beautiful deaf girl, that is experiencing a lot of moral and psychological-emotional situations in her life and deals successfully with problems due to faith. The miracle that she was expecting comes to her.

Short spiritual movie "Miracle" is a social drama. Silent movie, the actors playing in it are communicating in sign language. Throughout the film's emotional state of actors transmits by music, moving from lyrical to intense state. The unique feature of the project is that it is clear to any spectator, deaf people (due to the fact that the film is based on gestures), for another audience the film will be understood by subtitles in three languages (Ukrainian, English, Russian) and musical accompaniment. The film concerns a very important life issues.

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