Screenings in Ukraine

Most Ukrainian filmmakers do not know special rules of the major international and national film festivals yet. They bring their efforts to organize cinema and show, hoping that somehow  filled room. Rely on advertising in the market schedule. In the end - get random visitors.

In international practice, the preparation of the market show begins long before the festival. Conducted  correspondence with potential customers and partners . The laws of natural selection is working here . Which of Ukrainian filmmakers first taught to keep the game, that  will be able to move forward. Who can not cope - fall into outsiders.

Star Independent company will help you organize your movie screenings in Ukraine.

In Ukraine at the beginning of 2012  were more than 275 screens equipped with the most modern equipment. The construction of megamarkets with a multiplex cinema are building now  in major cities. Also in Ukraine, a lot of film societies and individual shows, such as the Days of Polish cinema, French Cinema Days, Days of the Spanish film, Days of British cinema ...

We can help show your film on Ukrainian film festivals, such as:

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