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The main objective of Star Independent is to promote Ukrainian cinema in the international arena, to stimulate the interest of international distributors for purchasing of domestic content, foreign distributors to familiarize themselves with the new generation of talented Ukrainian filmmakers and their works.

Star Independent company will organize an international distribution of your film, a trip to the international film markets.

Film Market is actually a business fair, where the subject of the presentation, sale and purchase is a film production.  There are many film markets at the moment - both local and international which are held annually in different countries.

Film Company-holders in the film market show new movies and even fragments of unfinished paintings, presenting their film producers-distributors to sell and provide promotional materials - catalogs, booklets, posters, videos, - on their stands at the exhibition. In the same place and all the most important business negotiations, deals are made.

A special category is the international "pre festival" film markets. At the international film markets it is possible to go with the ideas and scenarios. It is important to understand that at such events is quite simple really does not tie dating service, but also to find investments. There is an exchange of ideas, the primary arrangements, sound questions: "Can you advise Ukrainian actors for this project?", "Where can we shoot it in Ukraine?". You cannot ignore such a good chance to open up, if not the window, then at least "the ventlight  to Europe and the world."

On  the film markets are always carried out not only the presentation of film companies where they talk about their plans to promote films about campaigns, but also additional conferences, round tables, panel discussions, master classes. They can gather a lot of useful information.

We can help you show your movie and arrange trip and presentation at international film markets , such as:

For international distribution, please contact online or by phone.

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