Rent of equipment

For the majority of creators of movies and commercials, especially for those who work within a limited budget, renting equipment is more suitable than its acquisition. Firstly, you can always rent better equipment than what you can afford to buy. And secondly, lease gives the opportunity to work with the most modern equipment (see price list).

Usually, the director makes a decision when selecting equipment. The director tells in details about the style, structure, content and objectives of the film. Then makes the final decision, together with members of the group. Choose the most simple but the most effective shooting technique, in accordance with the design and size of the budget.

When choosing a camera you should to take into account the statics and dynamics of the shooting, the amount taken from your hands. It takes a special optics or filters, dolly or not? It requires any additional memory card or not? Going abroad, in the jungle, maybe it's worth taking a spare camera or not? If there is an opportunity to visit the alleged site of shooting areas – You should decide whether there is enough natural light, or have to install extra for greater artistry.

Lighting should be selected and arranged in advance, because it is too cumbersome for rapid rearrangement. In most cases, lighting equipment and an operator are selected by a director, guided by the recommendation of the lighting. Light makes life difficult for the majority of directors, as its installing takes a lot of time, and eve being installed it gives a lot of trouble.

The main differences when selecting lighting equipment can be reduced to the following characteristics to which attention should be paid for: color temperature, intensity, beam divergence angle, the distance of the projection, the portability. Sound technician needs to know whom, what and where you want to record. Then he selects the appropriate equipment and microphones.

Call us, and experienced staff will gladly help you find all the necessary equipment for shooting, advise its use, prepare it for your needs.




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