Selection of locations

One of the most important elements of any video recording, whatever: sketch show, series or feature film, music video-is the choice of the location for filming. Often it is a certain place with beautiful views, amazing nature or gray concrete jungle of sleeping areas complements feelings which actor conveys .

One of our services is  search and selection  locations. Also, with our own pavilions, offices  with a variety of rooms, we give it as a location for filming. The are possibility   of building the necessary decorations in pavilion .There are possibility to build all decorations you need  what permit do not waste the time for filming , not being distracted by external factors such as time of day, ostreet utside  noise or random people in the frame.

To select correct location for a project  specialists closely examine the idea of the film (the show, movie or commercial, music video), his script and motifs. The choice is made depending on the direction of the project, its artistic purposes. After selecting a few options for location, choose the most successful for the shooting and provided to the customer.

Ukraine is a beautiful country with a long history. Its territory with  sea, rivers, mountains, grasslands, forests, preserved old village architecture, royal palaces and buildings of the USSR era, modern buildings. Some Ukraines locations are unique   and  some  another exactly resemble Europe or East

The Dnieper River is one of the cleanest on the continent. The Carpathian Mountains are shrouded in winter snow, spring and summer it is time for Crimean plateau harbor rare plants. The Black Sea can be both sandy and rocky, and the sea water is heated to +26 ° C. In some places, the Crimean rock fit close to the water, making it seems that the mountains plunge into the sea.

Ukrainian village impressive original subjects of history and culture. Antique architectural values are restored and protected. Ukrainian church built in the Byzantine style and in  style of Ukrainian Baroque. In the big cities  new structures from glass and metal grows very fast.

Call us, and experienced staff will be glad to help you find the most suitable location for the filming in any part of our country.

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