About the company

The company was founded in 2011 by creative team of young producers and very original people. Their aim is to inspire humanity for positive changes in the world for better through positive films and creative projects.

Star Independent is a young company whose goal is to shoot in good quality as the shorts and full-length movies. Basically we are interested in shooting films motivations for positive changes, but with well-structured script and wise directorial vision with use of clear images and symbols. We are cooperating with other studios and film companies both in Ukraine and abroad.

Star Independent is currently in search of short films shot by our young filmmakers. In such way we help them go to film festivals from largest to smallest. The main purpose is the production of high quality movies.

We are interested in creating films in co-production with talented young professionals. Our international network enables the filming organization in any country where our representative is on a high professional level.

Our task is to make talented creative personalities more independent, focused on creativity, basic management we will undertake.

One of the important directions is cooperation of talented musicians and young directors and creation of high-quality videos. Creative advertising with creative vision. Photoworks of the highest level. Promotion of talented artists both in Ukraine and abroad. We are interested in everything new and unique.

Star Independent invites professionals in the workflow in concretely chosen areas with high standards of work. It gives us the opportunity to work in a team with the highest professional potential that would satisfy the desire of the customer's election.

Алёна Яремчук



Sincerely, Alena Yaremchuk, General Producer


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