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One of the components of any film is its translation. One can safely say that the translation accounts for at least 80% of the film's success, because, as experience shows, a good translation can be from the "middle" film to make it a masterpiece, and the poor, respectively, on the contrary...

In the heyday of the video (late 80s, early 90s), this problem was almost non-existent, because the films were translated with the people whom it is safe to call professionals. As a general rule, any motion picture of that era existed in several translations, each of a high quality, and people always had the opportunity to choose the translation that is most suitable to this film.

With the development of cinema the number of translation has increased significantly and the number of real experts in this field remains the same. It has become physically impossible to translate all of a high the quality.

High quality translation primarily involves masterly language. And - not in every case, the interpreter requires exceptional writing skills. As an example we can take the movies of Tarantino, where all the characters continually use obscene language. It is typical: we have almost no one who takes them as they deserve, always distorting the essence of what was said.

Currently, there are three basic ways to translate the film:

  • Voice-Over
  • Duplication
  • Subtitles

Voice-over due to its simplicity and efficiency is the most popular way to translate the majority of films, television series and programs, broadcast on the main Russian TV channels. The essence of the voice-over is to impose the dominant volume of votes cast, or speakers, voicing the translated text on top over the original sound muted film.

Quality duplicate ("dub", "redundant translation"), which requires excellent teamwork of translators, writers, directors, actors and sound engineers, is quite expensive and the financial and time-consuming way to translate movies. When the translation is duplicated, it means almost complete rewriting of the content of the film sound (except of background noise and music) – the voice of the characters and dialogue is diminished the "zero" and the audience instead of foreign-language text of the film can hear its translation in their native language. This is dubbing, implying an expressive recitation of translation by professional narrators or actors, often provides a real opportunity for most moviegoers to understand it fuller and deeper, and also appreciate the film's director uncommon creativity or talent playing actors in it. Redundant translation compared with films with subtitle provides the most convenient and comfortable conditions for the perception of foreign films - in fact in this case the viewer does not need to strain with read a tedious text under each frame and, therefore, can immerse themselves in an exciting action film.

As a voice-over and redundant transfer film should be carried out in a special recording studio, equipped with appropriate modern technology.

Subtitles, as the most affordable method of transfer is often preferred when there is a question of term, low-cost translation of a foreign film. Subtitles are a translated text that appears on the screen in sync with the content of its corresponding replicas or dialogues of the characters. Compared with other methods of film translation subtitles do not distort the meaning of the original text being translated. In addition, in some cases there is a technical possibility, if necessary to block the emergence of on-screen subtitles, which also can be attributed to the advantages of this method of translation. The imposition of the subtitle has some certain ergonomic standards (in this case, during the installation of the translation of a film it is needed to count properly the number of symbols in one subtitle and the optimal duration of the appearance of the subtitle in the frame, as well as to choose "convenient" location of the subtitles on the screen).

Company Star Independent will make with pleasure high-quality translations of documentary films, cartoons, any video clips and audio texts. Extensive experience of work on such projects enables us to offer you additional services, such as sound and subtitle support.

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