International cooperation

At the moment a huge role in the development of film industry in the world is played with shooting movies when one project involved companies from several countries. We have a successful experience working with foreign companies of America, Japan, Estonia. Due to the active visiting of world-class film events we have formed links with various international film companies in the world.

In order to Ukrainian films were understandable and close to Western audiences, we will not only attract world stars in Ukrainian projects, but also the training of our artists, producers, screenwriters and directors in Hollywood's biggest studios, development of co-production.

Speaking about co-production, we first of all, have the goal to create a product that will be rolled not only in Ukraine but also, at least in those countries, which are co-producers. Therefore, to evaluate the project, you must have a certain knowledge and ideas in this area.

Company Star Independent offers assistance in organizing a shooting both in Ukraine and abroad.

Our offer includes:

  • search and offer information on location;
  • organization of meetings and maintenance crews;
  • assistance in organizing the filming of movies, commercials, TV programs and music videos;
  • organization of obtaining permits for filming, the coordination of organizational issues of the shoot with the local authorities.
  • selection of the partner in a country or region, you are  interested in for renting of equipment, lighting equipment, transportation, etc.;
  • organization of the local castings;
  • expansion of proposals for individual requests require prior approval.

We are ready to help you to find a partner for your project in countries such as America, England, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, Armenia, Azeybardzhan, Russia, France, Spain, Japan, Korea, Poland, Argentina, Belgium, Germany, etc.

For International Cooperation, write on the website or by telephone.


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