Film Project Management

The company Star Independent provides a comprehensive consulting and project support in media from the development of the project idea and searching investors from the finance to the administrative and legal support of the project. As part of the project management, our main aim is to protect and represent the interests of our customers, providing them with advice, support and management tools which are needed to achieve project goals within budget and time.

We provide professional project management, which saves our clients from many problems associated with all of its stages (from conception to implementation of the project), and allows you to focus on the daily business activities. For this, we regularly and promptly inform them about the progress of the work at each stage, that allows to make an informed decision for questions of any complexity.

The service is provided in all major media markets (television, cinema, press, internet and new media, radio, etc.). In particular, we provide services for new markets, researching potential markets and analysis, negotiating with potential partners / customers / investors, purchasing media content, software development concepts and broadcast networks, content production, distribution of content, television projects and implementation of ideas their promotion, search and selection of ideas and scenarios, representation of clients in international industry events, networking at the Ukrainian and international markets, find partners for joint projects and lots more.

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