Management of film festivals

For most filmmakers film screenings at festivals - is the most convenient way to get the audience for their films. For many serious independent filmmakers it is a place where they hope to get the buyer of their films. The Star Independent company offers organization of participation in international film festivals.

We offer:

  • Advice on opportunities that are opened when there is a professional involvement in the business program of the festivals.
  • Advice on the organization of business and graphics programs film festivals
  • Advice on preparation of business meetings with foreign film producers, representatives of financial assets, movie companies, car rental organizations.
  • Promote accreditation to film festivals and submission of information in the catalogs of the business program.
  • Assistance with travel arrangements in advance to the venue and accommodation in the days of the festival.
  • Advice on preparation of documents for the pitching, presentation, transfer to potential partners.

History of Festivals

The first major film festival was held in Venice in 1932, other major international festivals (Berlin, Cannes, Moscow, Karlovy Vary) started in the 40s and 50s. The first North American film festival was held in San Francisco in March 1957. It has played an important role in acquainting American viewers with foreign films. Among these films was a "Rasemon" by Akira Kurasawa  and Satyajit Ray, and "Song of the road" by Satyajit Ray. Festival in Toronto (which started in 1976) became the main festival in North America, the most popular around the world.

The most important festivals

Although the list of major festivals is constantly changing, there is a list of international festivals of an “A” class. As a rule, they have an exclusive requirement, so that the premiere of new movie should take place in  one of them, and in only one, before they will be screened at other festivals. List of festivals Class "A" is approved by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF). In order to obtain accreditation, the festival must meet several criteria: to be an international, held annually, enjoy the support of the local film industry, the competition should not be a movie that had previously participated in other festivals. In addition, in one country may be only one festival such of a kind.

Festivals of class "A":

  • Cannes Film Festival (France, the end of May)
  • Berlin International Film Festival (Germany, the beginning of February)
  • Shanghai International Film Festival (China, June)
  • Moscow International Film Festival (Russia, the end of June)
  • Film Festival in Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic, July)
  • Film Festival in Locarno, Switzerland (August)
  • Montreal Film Festival (Canada, September)
  • Venice Film Festival (Italy, August-September)
  • San Sebastian Film Festival (Spain, September)
  • Festival in Warsaw (Poland, October)
  • Film Festival in Tokyo (Japan, October)
  • Festival in Mar del Plata (Argentina, March)
  • The Cairo International Film Festival (Egypt, November-December)

Also there are 5 film festivals of documentary and short films are accredited:

  • Film Festival "Message to Man" in St. Petersburg
  • Festival in Tampere
  • Film Festival in Oberhausen
  • Festival in Krakow
  • Festival in Bilbao

Other prestigious film festivals that do not have a competitive program or did not receive accreditation of FIAPF:

  • Kinotavr (Sochi)
  • Film Festival in Mannheim-Heidelberg
  • Rotterdam Film Festival
  • Film Festival in San Francisco
  • Film Festival in Toronto (FIAPF accredited it as a non-competitive)
  • The London Film Festival (FIAPF accredited it as a non-competitive)
  • Film Festival of American Institute  (AFI)
  • Sundance (Sundance Film Festival)
  • Los Angeles (Los Angeles Film Festival)
  • Seattle (Seattle International Film Festival)
  • Tribeca (Tribeca Film Festival, New York)
  • South by Southwest (Austin)

Of these festivals as the international film market the  most attractive are held in Cannes, Toronto and Sundance. The vast majority of independent film projects, has not previously received a distribution and shown in these festivals are much more likely to get into film distribution, rather than after they have been shown at any other festival. At these festivals there are agents on the acquisition of films submitted from most distributors.

However, other festivals are also worthy of attention, and they also can attract distributors. If your film is designed for Russian-speaking audience, then you can take part in the any home festival, if the movie is relevant.

From home festivals, the most interesting are:

  • Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF)
  • Kinotavr (Sochi)
  • Kinoshock (Anapa)
  • Festival  Festivalei (St. Petersburg)
  • Poslaniye Cheloveku (St. Petersburg)
  • Molodost` (Kyiv)

and many other specialized and not competitive film forum.

Even if the festival is not so popular, you should still show your film in many different platforms. Probably, there will be no agents, but you'll still spread rumors about the film. Collect any critical, accolades and reviews, then include them in your press kit.

Contact with festivals will allow you to figure out what measures should be taken to continue to distribute the film, if it was good. You will also develop relationships with other filmmakers, fans, film critics and festival managers, who may help you to spread rumors about the film, and maybe will contribute to a future project.

Preparing to participate in festivals

If you have not visited the festival, try to do that before sending your film to one of them. Ideally you should visit all of festivals you are interested in during the prior year  to sending your film. Reconnaissance trip to the festival without the film will pay off when you are ready to give the film the following year.

Among the things that you should pay attention to, we note a list of all officers and jury. Although they vary from year to year, knowing people by their names, you will be able to establish more contacts before you show your film. Your chances of success at the festival will grow with you if there will be people who are part of the event.

We will help you to show your picture at film festivals in Ukraine, Russia, CIS, Europe, America and Asia.

For placement of films at film festivals order this online or by telephone.

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