Investment Management

Such questions as where to get the investment, how to draw and how to dispose properly with them are asked in a variety of industries and sectors. The Film Industry is not an exception. Today the film industry have increased risks not only in Ukraine but all over the world. Co-production, which has become one of the striking developments of recent years, helps to find additional sources of funding for projects that reduce risks, and expand markets. Ukraine has not  many examples of such cooperation yet, but the prospects of co-production for the domestic film companies exist.

Many issues are related with transparency film business and financial flows. But, sometimes, transparency and success of a single film project can be predetermined by people- the creators of the picture, a marketing company and advertising investments, as in any business.

Our company has experience in investment in film production. This is a very delicate and complicated process. We can help you make competent investment proposal for investors to organize the presentation of your project in the circle of potential investors, to help to attract investors, legally accompany and arrange a deal at all necessary stages.

An investor is offered a choice of several options for investment:

  • Funding for Short Film
  • Funding for documentaries
  • Funding for the film
  • Funding of a share
  • Funding of a company

For investment projects refer to the website or by telephone.


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