Exhibitions and seminars

Do you want to benefit from the successful experiences of exhibitions, conferences, seminars, promotions, and are not afraid to make themselves known to the various presentations? Then you will not go wrong by contacting us. Star Independent company is always glad to cooperate with those who are focused on success. With extensive experience in organizing exhibitions and seminars, presentations and conferences, our staff will help you find the right solution of organizational and technical plan for the success of any event.

It's no secret that the show - it's a great opportunity to gather in one place at one time the whole audience, aimed at the perception of your advertising. The key to the success of the show as it always was and will be well planned and timely preparation. Our specialists are always ready to help you and organize any exhibition.

An integral part of many companies today have become the conference. Extensive experience and expertise allow us to offer our customers the organization of conferences and seminars at the highest level. Detailed study of the project: the selection of venue for your event, technical support, coordination of the participants, the organization of the meeting participants in airports, railway stations, accommodation and participants in hotels, booking of transport (buses, limousines, executive class cars).

Do not forget about such an important component part of each company as a presentation. Star Independent Company organize  a presentation, to satisfy every taste, ranging from the traditional presentation of live music, finishing with an impressive presentation with the participation of artists and enchanting program designed specifically for you. Our company organize "closed" presentations (for a certain group of people) and "open", designed to attract random people. Whatever kind of presentation you choose, we guarantee that your presentation will be bright and colorful, able to interest anyone.

We are also pleased to offer you: Announcing events (making the video, corporate film), organizing photos and video of your presentation, or exhibition, catering (coffee breaks, receptions and banquets), technical equipment (projectors, sound, light, stage area) , interior decoration, rooms, dressing rooms, preparation of the entertainment program, making the best budget, production of souvenir and promotional products with your logo (leaflets, booklets, invitations).

Call us, and experienced staff will gladly help you to organize exhibitions, seminars, presentations and other events.


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