Conducting auditions

Among the services provided by our company for private and corporate customers is the organization of participation (the booking), artists, models and talents, as well as organization of castings.

Do you looking for talent? In search of an image? Organize the competition, recording a film or organize photography shooting ? The company  Star Independent provides  castings of different levels and different target areas, in order execute  object fully.

Customers participation, not only in a meaningful result, casting, and in the course of the meeting, increases the chances of achieving the desired result, adds  contact to database Star Independent and clearly creates an ultimate goal.

In the conduct and organization of casting we use different levels of complexity, engage diverse specialists, professionals,  psychologists, and sometimes plastic surgeons. For the process of casting can be able (online) castings, webinars and other advanced technologies.

We are actively working with partners in the area of personal management in the world, uses a database of actors, models and talents of the most successful companies in the world. Among customers Star Independent conduct and organize auditions leading television and media companies, photo studios and film companies, publishing houses, modeling agencies, organizers of events and activities, individuals, photographers, artists, government agencies and institutions.

Call us, and experienced staff will gladly help you find the right actors, models, talents for film anywhere in the country.

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