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Outdoor advertising is probably the oldest way to attract consumer attention to your goods and services. If you turn to history, we can see that the first who used outdoor advertising were the Egyptians and Phoenicians. Of course, maybe, outdoor advertising has more ancient roots, but there are only documentary evidence from those times. In medieval Europe, the tradition was picked up and creatively added with merchants and artisans. At their signs were depicted manufactured products and goods, showing for common people, who can`t read their product range.

Today it`s hard to image Kiev without outdoor advertising. Through production and placement of outdoor advertising, outdoor advertising agency creat the modern image of the city, forming the tastes of citizens and have a tremendous impact on their lives.

Outdoor advertising in the capital have long gone the way of symbiosis of interests of citizens and advertisers. Recently, a lot of original media outdoor advertising of a new generation, for example, advertising benches and road barriers. This type of outdoor advertising does not clutter the space, do not spoil the appearance of streets, blends into the urban architecture. Outdoor advertising of this type may attract the attention of a large audience.

The practice shows that the outdoor advertising does not have contraindications for. The operators of outdoor advertising place advertisement of any goods on the streets. Traditional supporters of this type of advertising are companies that sell cars, construction materials, food products. Politics also respected outdoor advertising (billboards, light boxes, billboards - are the most-selling media during election campaigns). But increasingly, companies that sale cosmetics, clothing, all kinds of financial institutions, and social services turn to such a kind of advertisment.

We will provide you with full information about the cost of outdoor advertising, our services for its construction and placement. We can offer you original solutions for outdoor illuminated signs, advertising billboards and on the main pillars, advertising on the road, fences, benches, banners, bus stops, etc. Taken into account the huge number of advertising media, we can help you find outdoor advertising at a price that the best suits your financial capabilities.

Order placement of outdoor advertising on our website or by telephone.

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