Advertising in the press

National print media are keeping pace with the times: increasing both the quality and number of periodicals. Because of this, newspapers and magazines are an excellent platform for the implementation of advertising campaigns, print ads and multiplied the number of advertisers.

Advertising in the press has several advantages over other forms of advertising. First, advertising in publications intended for a specific interest and age criteria for the audience. Advertising household goods will be appropriate in the magazine, which is read by housewives, and automotive news publication in the reasonable place for motorists. Second, advertising in print media has no time limits, which can not but rejoice. A respondent will read the proposal at an appropriate time for him and if necessary, return to print advertising.

For effective advertising in print, we will:

  • analyze the target audience, prepare a media plan;
  • pick up the print media, newspapers, magazines and select the appropriate specific media plan;
  • compose a unique advertising text;
  • create a high quality design of print advertising.

By working with a large number of editions of magazines and newspapers on special conditions, we provide our clients with significant discounts for advertising in the press. For prices for all services and the cost of advertising in print publications you can contact our staff.

Taken into account the nature of your business, our team will select the print media, the most suitable to advertise your products and services.

Order an advertise in the press on our website or by telephone.

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