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Each year the popularity of advertising on the Internet increases. During the crisis, the market of online advertising has grown by 3-5% compared with the previous year, while the other forms of advertising have lost up to 44% of its volume. This is not only due to the growth of Internet penetration in the life of every man, but also because, in contrast to the outdoor advertising and advertising in the media, the Internet not only allows the user dynamically control the interests of the audience, the scope of which is huge in the online, and track key indicators of effectiveness of advertising campaigns on the Internet.

List of advertising opportunities on the Internet is huge: banner ads, contextual online advertising, search engines optimization (SEO), advertising on blogs and forums to promote social networks and so on.

In this case, the cost of advertising on the Internet is often cheaper than accommodation on other media. And thanks to the choice of advertising platforms and opportunities for targeting the advertisers appear to narrow as possible to the target audience, and thus increase the effectiveness of advertising on the Internet.

Clients who wish to place advertising on the Internet, we offer:

  • Low cost of contact. Advertising campaigns of our clients are always focused on improving return on investment - each invested ruble should bring maximum profit. Thanks to well-functioning system of analytics all campaigns are constantly pass campaign optimization process, so we offer you the lowest cost per contact with the target audience;
  • All types of services to promote the Internet. According to the investigations of the leading players in Internet advertising, such as Google, which hosted content with being in a top 10 result in an increase in traffic, not two, but three times. The constant presence in the search engines can bring a maximum search traffic. The combination of these methods “not searching” promotion - the involvement of social media, PR-support, working with news sources - can cover the maximum possible traffic, branding and solving problems;
  • An integrated approach. Due to the large experience in the outdoor markets, print, television, radio, advertising and transportation, we know - using one site limits the ability of advertising to bring the audience to buy. That is why, in addition to placement on the Internet, we offer a comprehensive use of advertising media. This is useful also because our agency is working on the principle of one-stop shop - all interaction with the customer account perform a personal manager.

Order an advertise on the Internet on our website or by telephone.

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