Video recording of activities

All event, which can be a festival, exhibition, presentation, show or concert program are unique. Lots of time and energy you spend for their preparation, organization and carrying . And do not forget about a very important factor in this area - photos and video. Videoshooting, even the most simple  are an important part for future analysis.

The resulting video can help to find errors, and various minor issues, which will need further assistance and this is will help for  creatives and for professional growth of the artist, musical group or band.

And then for many years, amassing an archive chronicling these events, we can monitor the dynamics of development of a creative individual, group or collective.

Besides, video archives has one distinct advantage - over the years, their value increases. Who knows, perhaps after 20-30 years, and even earlier,  you or your group would be mega-stars! And then your first files will be very interesting for the masses and television, as a unique historical value! Also photo and video materials are very important  not only by the artists or groups, but for  their producers and organizers. In addition all customers or sponsors of such programs will want to see how the event has passed in which they invested their money.

In addition, the high professional quality of photo and video materials    will tell alot about level of all of the event as a whole, and it will help  to use these materials in a variety of promotions and presentations in future . For this purpose, we can also prepare a short promotional video of the best performances or events.

From a technical and creative sides with respect to such important events, we propose  a multi-shot video recording (from 3 cameras, and more). Multidimensional video gives more creative options to install the editing,what will make video more showy. . If you have used in the filming  an operator's specials techniques such as camera cranes, dollies with remote-controlled , steadicam, then it will be "top class". All this equipment is used to stabilize the camera during the motion (eliminate the effect of "shaking"). With the help of stabilizing equipment we can create  dynamic shots or the effect of "flying" camera or  annular  panorama. . Using this equipment in a video recording, you will  get really high-quality, modern, dynamic and a decent product in the end, which will  make you happy for  many years, but also will  be a great promotional product, in the highest level!

Order video recording of activities you can on our website or by phone.

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