Shooting a video clip

Creating musical work composer or author of the song builds an individual storyline and drama, thereby setting a certain tone and mood for his songs. Initially, every musician and performer of a song (the author) believes and wants to ensure that his or her creation will not remain unnoticed by the general public. And, as a rule, it not limited only to concert tours and placing song on the radio.

In this age of digital technology, television, and the rapidly growing Internet Television, every musician, singer or musical group understands that their major visiting card will be a well-designed and manufactured high quality music video.

Any modern video clip of high level is painstaking work of a whole team of specialists, each of which is professional in his field. It is script writers, directors and sound engineers, cameramen, and stage operators, producers, artists, choreographers, designers, stylists, visagiste, decorators, "props", property men, specialists in computer graphics and visual effects, gafery, montage engineers ... And this list could continue, depending on the goals and objectives. As a result great art work is born, which harmonious and complementary accompanying with excellent music and song.

Conventionally, music clips can be divided into three categories:

Concert video clip. Relatively simple option. As a rule, this music video is limited by shooting in the interior (pavilion) with a concert exposed with light or on location. In the frame musicians and backing dancers are located. For more entertainment and a concert effect, you can involve to the shooting. In its essence it is a concert option, but the diverse and filmed in clipping room.

Theatre (stage) video clip. In this case we create detailed script of the video, thought out interior, costumes, props needed. Create decorations. Rent a special pavilion with art exposed light, where major plot shooting clip happens. And here is important every detail - how will "play" details of scenery, lighting, costumes, and performers. This work demands a good direction.

Scene video clip. In its essence it is an analogue of a small musical film. Together with the musicians we create script, choose shooting space, the actors, decorations, costumes. After that shooting is started. This direction in the production of the clip is much more interesting than just musicians and dancers, as a rule, if a good song, it can be a hit.

You can order a video shoot on the website or by telephone.

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