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Every advertising photography has definite aim - present the goods. Commercial photos - difficult and synthetic thing, it must not only reflect the ideas and worldview of the author as to affect the mentality of the viewer, simulating its correct response.

In commercial as in art photography, you can select traditional genres: portrait, landscape, still life, narrative scenes. The difference of advertising photography is that it tells us only about the quality of a product. Portrait in advertising it's not a picture of a particular person either the perfect potential customer pivoted to the collective image, or a mythical image-bait, on which the average viewer would be like. The main task of advertising photography to demonstrate the pleasure of using and to cause desire of obtaining a thing. Advertising image should be attractive and convincing (it's convenient, luxurious, solid, tasty).

Commercial photography, with rare exceptions, is staged. Each story is thought out carefully, in order to pay attention to certain groups of consumers. Advertising must not show the real life, its purpose is to show a future happy life after purchase a product: buy - and everything will change.

The task of the advertising photographer - quickly and as accurately as possible to realize the image created by advertising agency. But real professionals such strict limits do not prevent to find an opportunity for creative self-expression.

The role of a professional advertising photographer is greatly increased if the general idea of creative advertising campaign is based largely on a single frame with spectacular lighting and unusual perspective. Then the photographer takes an active part in the creation of an advertising image, and often it is the best option.

The main task of the photographer - realization of planned by specialists in advertising, so the photographer is initially limited in designated part of advertisers. Despite this, the element of creativity, of course, is present in the implementation of the task by photographer. At the same time including the number of possible manipulations and actions (light, perspective, tools) needed to solve the problem, the photographer must have perfect technique of advertising photography.

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